Our investigations are conducted in a professional and confidential manner tailored to your
                                                                           specific needs.

   Please contact us with any unlisted investigative need that should arise.    information@chicagoprivatedetective.com
Process Serving

Process serving is the delivery of legal documents, such as a subpoena or a complaint, to a person giving notice that a legal action has been initiated against them. Our experienced Process Servers
                                      diligently attempt service in a
                                      professional and timely manner.
Fraud & Theft Investigations

We determine where the truth begins and where it ends. Fraud sometimes occurs in various situations including accidents, theft, and corporate invironments. We strive to
                                      identify fraud in your case.


Surveillance is conducted to gather information on the identity, character, habits, or the movements of a person or a group of persons.
Background Investigations

Background checks are initiated to learn the truth about someone. We utilize many established sources to provide an accurate, detailed background check.
Personal Injury Investigations

We document the facts, preserve visual evidence, and are prepared to testify in court whenever necessary. We understand the necessity of getting to the scene quickly and preserving evidence. Your investigator can make or break your
Skip Tracing

Our precise skip tracing information is obtained from our vast in house resources as well as public information and confidential resources to provide the most accurate and current
                                      facts available. We work hard
                                      using all the resources available
                                      to us.
Insurance Investigations

We provide investigative excellence to insurance carriers. Our investigative service can help insurance adjusters and defense attorneys gather the information they need, to make responsible claims decisions.
Video Surveillance

We employ photographic and video media to preserve visual evidence.
Witness Locates/Statements

Chicago Private Detective utilizes the most current technology, data sources, and interview techniques to quickly and cost effectively locate witnesses.